You can filter the risk score data by yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily. You can also select the date range for this report to view a certain time frame of data. The risk score legend is located on the right hand side of the graph.

This chart also allows you to filter by the risk reason, which includes expense age, merchant price check, receipt verification and more. From the risk reason filter you can also filter by the Report Count or Report Total.


The charts within the Auditor Dashboard show dollar amounts and counts for users and expenses within a set of criteria outlined at the top of the Auditor Dashboard.

Total Travel and P-Card Spend

Listed in the currency of the selected organization, this chart lists the total spend across all assigned policies

High Risk Detected

Listed in the currency of the selected organization, this chart lists the dollar amount expensed for those expense reports needing review that are flagged as High Risk.

Reports Requiring Manual Review / Total Reports

A number of reports identified as High-Risk over the total amount of expense reports audited which is based on the date filter selected above.

Spend By Expense Type

A bar chart listing the amount of spend per expense type. This allows you to see where the employees are spending the most money. The default is to see all expense types, but you can use the drop list in the top right to be able to view only certain expense types. Additionally, a line chart provides the count of the number of expense lines per expense type.

You can select a piece of the bar chart to drill down to the specific reports that are in that specific expense type.

Potential High Risk Spend

This chart shows the dollar amount and count for expenses that are high risk. Additionally, a line chart provides the count of the number of expense lines per expense type.

The details of each model category will break down the reports that were flagged high for that model and will show you exactly what the risk reason and line justification for the report was.

Potential Unauthorized Spend

Listing of all the reports where there was an unauthorized expense on the report. This chart is broken down by each unauthorized expense type. When selecting a single bar on the chart, you will be given the details of the reports and why it was flagged.

Top Spenders

The chart shows the employees in the company that have the highest amount of reimbursement. Selecting an individual employee line will jump you to the employee dashboard.

Appzen Compliance Index (ACI) Score Histogram

This chart shows the count of employees that are within the different ranges of ACI scores. Ranges are from 0-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80, and 81-100. Once selecting a score range from the chart, the details of all the employees that are in that range will show below with their individual scores.

Merchant Analytics

The Merchant Analytics chart provides information on the top merchant by expense categories. This allows users to see which merchants are being used the most, across expenses.

Users can search merchants by expense category, within a specific date range, organization, policy, report status, or payment type. Some of the categories include dinner, gas, lunch, cell phone, awards, meals with customers, and more. You can select by expense category type located on the right-hand side of the chart.

Within the Top Merchant by Expense Category chart, the X-axis of the graph represents the merchant and the Y-axis represents the dollar amount spent at that merchant.

In the example below, you can see the total amount spent at each merchant for the rental car expense. The National Car Rental merchant had over $10K during the date range of December 31st - January 30th

This chart has been relocated from the "Merchant Analytics" tab in the left hand navigation.

Further Details Per Chart

For each Histogram and Bar Chart, further detail are available. Hover the mouse over the chart will provide the exact amount and count details for each expense type.

To drill down into the chart use the expand button in the top right corner of the graph area. There, you can select individual bars on the chart, which will expose Detailed Records for that chart. You can then review the individual employees' profile or the expense report referenced.

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