View the employee dashboard for employees that have activity within the AppZen solution within the designated date range.


The charts within the Employee Dashboard show dollar amounts and counts for users and expenses within a set of criteria outlined at the top of the Employee Dashboard.

The criteria to choose from is employee name, submission date range and policies.

To generate analytics for employees by spend, risk detection, report counts, ACI score, and other spend, select the specific criteria, as shown below.

Total Travel and P-Card Spend

This shows the total travel and P-Card spend for the employee.

High Risk Detected

This shows the amount of high risk reports detected.

Reports Requiring Manual Review/Total Reports

This is the number of reports requiring manual review by an auditor. The number is 38 out of 113 reports.

ACI Score

The ACI score offers an analytical way to compare risk among your employee base. Risk data is compared across all employees and gives every employee an AppZen Compliance Index (ACI) score. In this example, the ACI score for the dates listed is 80/100.

Every month, an employee's ACI score will be re-calculated based on the data averaged from the past 3 months. Date filtering does not apply to the ACI calculation since the calculation is on a 3-month cadence. High-Risk Rules that are marked as "False Positive" by an auditor does not negatively affect an employee's ACI Score.

Spend By Expense Type

Expense type is a way to group expense reports. This graph shows employees spend by expense type. In this example, the highest spend is for the expense type Airfare.

Comparative ACI Histogram

The comparative ACI histogram will give a range of ACI scores across a high number of employees.

Potential High Risk Spend

This graph shows the potential high risk spend. In this example, receipt verification is most common.

Potential Unauthorized Spend

This graph shows which expense categories have the highest unauthorized spend. In this example, the highest unauthorized spend is Alcohol.

Trends, Expense Amounts, and Expense Count for the employee.

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