Administrators can help build out their teams by adding users along with adding different authorizations with different roles and responsibilities.

How to Add Users

  1. Login to your AppZen account.
  2. On the left-hand side click on "System Admin"
  3. Click on the "Users" option

Enter the customer’s information in order for them to get access to the workbench.

Enter the following:

User ID:
First Name:
Last Name:
Email Address:
Start Date:
End Date: (this should be a date in the far future i.e. 2099)

Once these details have been entered, please pick the Authorization.


AppZen has multiple types of authorization for users:

System Admin - the ability to add, create, and edit users and their permissions

Functional Admin - Edit audit configurations, workflows, add exceptions, and enable/disable customer organizations.

Auditor - View the Audit workbench, approve and reject expense reports, use the reporting feature and access the analytics tab.

Auditor Read Only - View the audit workbench only. This user can access the reporting feature and analytics tab, but can not perform any actions.

Manager - This allows the user to view the Manager and Employee Dashboards on spend for their direct expense reports and underlying teams.

Expense Queue Admin - Can create a specific queue, assign and unassign auditors to work on that queue, and assign an Auditor Lead to supervise the queue.

  • Assign additional "Auditor" authorization to view queue management menu 

Auditor Lead - This is not a configurable role, but a function capable of managing the workload of the auditors within their queue (Assign, Unassign, Reassign) expense reports. This function is assigned by the Expense Queue Admin during the “+ Create Queue” process.

Finance - Allows the user to view insights information. Insights reports that finance permission has access to are:

Top Spenders
ACI Score
Spend by Expense type
High Risk Spend
Unauthorized Spend

Next, scroll down to the bottom to select the User’s Organization Settings.


All organizations for the customer can be found in the “User’s Organizations” section. If you would like the customer to see all organizations, then select all organizations. If not, deselect the organizations so the user will not have access. For the User’s Default Organization, pick the organization the user would like to see every time they sign into the workbench.

Once the account is created the user will get an email to authenticate the account. For more info go here.

Transfer of permissions

If your system admin is no longer at the company and you need assistance transferring permissions to another employee, contact your Concur support team.

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