For a manager, AppZen makes it easy to assign audits to individuals and teams to enhance the teams workflow and focus on the high risk expense reports. The Expense Report Assignment feature allows the audit team to gain more control and visibility to better manage and distribute the workload between auditors.

Expense report assignment allows an audit team to manage their time and workflow within the Appzen Workbench. An auditor can "self-assign" an expense report to themselves for audit responsibility, restricting other auditors on the team from taking actions on that item.

Additionally, a manager or designated team lead can assign expense reports to specific auditors to better manage their valuable resources. This eliminates cross-pollination and conflicts between auditors when auditing expense reports. The audit team has visibility on which expense reports are assigned to an individual.


An auditor can self-assign a report within the workbench or in the expense report details. To self-assign a report on the workbench, the auditor can select the ‘assign to me’ button located in the assignee field.

Alternatively, the auditor can open the expense report and then click on the ‘assign to me’ button located at the top of the report details screen.

Auditor Lead or Queue Admin Assignment

A user privileged with the auditor lead or expense queue admin role can unassign a specific report from an auditor, taking away their ability to take action on that particular report. They can also reassign that expense report to themselves or a different auditor.

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