The Auditor Feedback Report is used to track the feedback that the auditors are providing to AppZen for each high-risk violation identified. The auditor feedback report only tracks line-level models and not header level models.

The report will display all high-risk violations, the auditor's feedback on those violations, and comments provided to AppZen. AppZen uses this information to improve their detection capabilities and ensure that the system is continuously learning from the feedback.

Expense Report Number – The unique number attached to each expense report. This number is the same in the expense management software and in AppZen.

Expense Report Date – The calendar date that the expense report was submitted in the expense management software.

Employee Username – User name and email address of the employee as listed in the expense management software.

User ID – Choose or search from a list of all auditors

Line Number – Line number of the expense that was reported by the auditor.

Expense Date – Date of the expense as indicated by the employee’s input in the expense report.

Expense Comment – The comment (or “Justification” in the UI) for the auditors feedback as input in the expense report.

Expense Type - Name of the expense type for that specific report

Personal Expense - True or False if a personal expense was used within the expense report

Reimbursement Amount – Amount that the employee is requesting for reimbursement.

Reimbursement Currency – Currency in which the reimbursement is being requested. This will always be per Organization.

Cash Transaction - True or False if there is a cash transaction with the expense report.

Model Name – The AppZen model name.

Unauthorized Expense Category – The specific category when AppZen flags for unauthorized expenses (e.g., Fuel Service, Upgrades etc.).

Risk Message – Risk message generated by AppZen & displayed in the user interface that justifies the risk score assigned by AppZen (listed per model per expense line).

Auditor – Auditor’s email address.

Auditor Action – Identifies whether the report was approved, rejected, or sent for further review.

Merchant Name - Name of merchant that is associated with the expense report.

Risk Rejection Reason – Reason selected by the auditor when marking the violation as a “False Positive” or "True Positive". The options are different for each violation.

False Positive Risk Rejection – Reason for false positive

Users can generate this report for a date range of their choice & choose from:

Auditor Comments to AppZen - Internal comments from the auditor

Organization - Choose or search from a list of your organizations. You can add multiple organizations.

Policies - Choose a list of your policies from the drop down menu, based upon the selected organization.

User role required is: Auditor

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