When a high-risk report comes into AppZen and needs to be rejected they can click on the "Reject" button on the bottom of the screen. To reject the report the auditor will follow these steps:

  1. Login to your AppZen account
  2. Once you have logged into your Appzen account, look on the left-hand side of the screen
  3. Click on "Audit" then click on "Expense Reports" in the left-hand menu of the screen
  4. Open an expense report by clicking on the Report ID number flagged as high-risk
  5. Once you have reviewed and analyzed the report and determine that you need to reject what has been flagged as high risk click the "Reject button" on the bottom of the screen

Auditor Reject

The action panel will slide from the right-hand side of the screen with the high-risk items to review.

(1) No = You do not agree with AppZen and you want to approve the line item.
(2) Yes = Yes you agree with AppZen and you want to reject this line and send the report back to the employee.

When rejecting a report the auditor has the option to write internal comments to add more information to other auditors on the team. The comments are listed in the auditor feedback report.

Ensure that you click on the buttons if you want to reject or approve the line items. "Yes" will be set by default.

Under the "Why are you not rejecting this?" select a risk reason clicking the radial buttons.

6. You can also choose a pre-drafted response from the "Use Template Message" dropdown menu (optional).

Additionally, the Functional Admin can create pre-drafted responses post on-boarding. For more information on how to create the reject templates click here

If you don't have a functional admin contact your CSM (customer success manager).

Alternatively, you can use the "Response Box" to add notes for the employee(s). Please note that special characters such as the ( <, >, &) symbols are not supported and will result in an error when you click the "Reject" button.

Please note: The error for ( <, >, &) characters will only happen for Concur integration systems. All other integrations will not have this issue.

7. After all line items have been reviewed click the "Reject" button.

False Positive

When an auditor selects a false positive the expense becomes low risk with a red dot. The red dot is indicating that the expense was high-risk but it was changed to low. When an auditor selects the false positive option that information goes back to AppZen to help train our models over time.

During the parallel run phase, an auditor can action / assign reports to train the model earlier to get better results before going live.

Split View

Additionally, you can click on the "eye" icon view more info button of any line item.

On the right side, you can have the auditor reject the view and on the left side, you can view the model details menu. You are able to create a response that provides the employee clear reasons for rejecting the report and helpful guidance of what needs to be fixed.

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