The Executive Dashboard shows the top value pillars for reducing spend, comply with policy along with an improving process by showing a percentage of how many auto-approved reports that have been processed within AppZen. The estimated hours tile shows the number of hours saved for a team of auditors.

Please note: Executive Dashboard works with all Expense Management Systems


Organizations - The filters will support multiple orgs that a company may have. Click on the dropdown menu option to see all the orgs associated with the company. The manager can select a specific org or the "Select All" box to select all the orgs when running the dashboard.

Currency - Select the currency associated with the org.

Time Period - The time period is broken down by 12 months or 4 quarters.

Export PDF Button - The manager has the ability to export the executive dashboard as a PDF. The PDF will include an overview of the four tiles at the top of the Executive Dashboard and the charts from the tile selected.

Reduce Spend

With AI, AppZen helps reduce spend using various models to check expense reports to ensure that employees follow T & E policies, duplicate receipts, weekend or personal spend, along with potential compliance issues. The reduced spend dashboard tile will show how much a company has saved over a period of 12 months or 4 quarters.

The graph below will break down savings from fully rejected reports and savings from partially rejected reports. The savings from fully-rejected reports tracks the total amount of a report that was rejected and not re-submitted.

The savings from partially rejected reports tracks the difference between the total of the original report that was rejected and the re-submitted report – i.g. if the original report that was rejected was a total of $100.00 and after it was re-submitted the total is $75.00, then the savings would be $25.00.

In the near future, the auditor will have the ability to drill down to view the estimated spend reduction from month to month.

Executive Dashboard Side Notes

  • The Executive Dashboard will be available for any AppZen user with functional admin privileges.

  • Currency Conversation Rates are updated quarterly.

  • Reduce Spend Calculation of dollars saved only includes the total amount of dollars rejected or partially rejected. The dollar amount can be incorrect if the auditor uses Mstop (Stop at Manager) / Pstop (Stop at Processor) or the employee resubmits a new report that was originally rejected and not the original one.

  • Total Savings is updated daily (1 AM UTC) so auditors/managers have the most accurate information when reviewing total amount of savings over a period of time.

Comply with Policy

Comply with policy tracks the total number of expense reports that were submitted that are out-of-policy expenses by unauthorized expense categories. These metrics provide insights for T&E managers to see which out of policy expenses account for the most money and quickly identify problem areas for the company to take action to clean up poor spending behavior. The metrics are calculated by adding up the total amount of each expense marked as a high risk for unauthorized spend.

Count of Unauthorized Expense Reports - Solid blue line represents the number of reports counted

Unauthorized Amount - Represents the dollar amount saved.


Auto Approve Reports / Estimated Hours Saved

Low-risk reports are auto-approved and are not audited by an auditor. The auto-approved reports tile will display out of the total report number.

In this example below 23% of the total reports have been auto-approved. In turn, since the reports have been auto-approved, AppZen has saved 6 hrs amount of labor for an auditor.

The graph will show the amount in dollars per month along with a pie chart of expense reports that are auto-approved.

The number of expense reports for a specific period (month or quarter) and multiply that by 11, which we consider as average lines per report, that is how we come up with auto-approved count and total count in auto-approved report.

For time saved, our estimate is that it takes 20 seconds to review an expense line. We convert the total auto-approved expense reports multiplied by 11, and then multiply by 20 to arrive at the estimated manual hours saved.

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