This report is very valuable when used to research the amount spent on high risk items and potentially recoverable based on “Reimbursement Amount”. Only reimbursable amounts would need to be reviewed instead of total amounts.

This report breaks down the details of every line that is submitted and audited by AppZen. You can select the date range as well as the risk score. It is best practice to submit one risk at a time.

A. Report Number – The unique number attached to each expense report. This number will be the same in both the expense management software and AppZen.
B. Report Date – The calendar date that the expense report was submitted within the expense management software.
C. User ID – Employee’s email address
D. Organization – Organization under which the expense report is submitted (this column is useful when the report is generated by a Functional Admin user across all Organizations)
E. Cost Center – Cost center against which the expense is submitted
F. Line Number – Line number of the expense
G. Line Type – Payment type for the expense (usually cash or credit)
H. Expense Date – Date of the expense as indicated by the employee’s input in the expense report
I. Expense Type – The expense type selected by the user in the expense management software for the submission
J. Merchant Name – Merchant’s business name for the expense (input by the employee in their expense management software)
K. Transaction Amount & Currency – The amount & currency that the employee input in the expense management software for the particular transaction
L. Reimbursement Amount & Currency - The amount & currency that the employee is requesting for reimbursement (reimbursement currency will be per Organization)
M. Risk Level – The risk score assigned to the expense line (high, medium or low).
N. Model Name – The AppZen model name
O. Risk Message – Risk message generated by AppZen & displayed in the user interface that justifies the risk score assigned by AppZen (listed per model per expense Line)
P. Audit Status – AppZen’s audit status
Q. Workflow Status – The workflow status pulled in from the expense management software
R. Unauthorized Expense Category – The specific category when AppZen flags for unauthorized expenses (e.g., Fuel Service, Upgrades etc.)
S. OCR Code & Miscellaneous – Internal to AppZen

Users can generate the Expense Report Audit Risk Details by Line report for a date range of report submission in Concur. Risk scores that AppZen assigns to a Line Item include:

  • High - Reports with high risk scores

  • Medium - Reports with medium risk scores

  • Low - Reports with low risk scores

Role required to access report: Auditor

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