Auditors can use pre-drafted templates when rejecting expense reports in AppZen.

Appzen automatically creates default auto text responses when rejecting a report based on the risk reasons.

We have enhanced this feature by allowing functional admins to create custom templates. This would allow the auditor to send pre-drafted responses back to an employee when rejecting an expense report. The responses can be grouped and properly categorized so an auditor can choose between multiple responses for an employee to fix and re-submit.

How to add Templates within AppZen

  1. First login with a functional admin account.
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen click on "Reject Template Message" menu
  3. Then click on "Create Group"
  1. Create the group name and the response messages with the title and context of the message. To add an additional message under one group name click the "Add" button. Once you are done click on the "Save" button.

2. When the templates are added, the auditor can see the by clicking on the "Use Template Message" link in the auditor reject menu.

If there are no templates created by the functional admin, the link of "Use Template Message" will not appear in the reject audit menu. If there are no functional or system admin available to create the template contact your CSM (Customer Success Manager). There are no limitations in regards to how many templates can be created. Also the templates can be in multiple languages and multiple orgs. However rejection templates can not be created by policy.

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