The auditor has the ability to request more information from the user, add comments and documents to the report, and also has the ability to re-run the audit. An auditor would re-run audit for an expense report if there were changes to the configuration that needed to be applied, or if the expense report for some reason has been in Pending Audit status for longer than a day.

Request More Info

Before approving or rejecting a report, the "Request More Info" feature allows an auditor to reach out to the employee, another employee, or employee’s manager for additional questions about the expense report.

First, click on "More Actions" which is located next to the "Reject' button on the bottom of the expense report details.

Once you see the "More Actions" menu click on the "Request More Info" option.

The auditor can now enter comments in the box below. In the include section, you have the option to include the PDF of the expense report, high-risk findings, or medium risk findings. The preview button lets the auditor see the entire message before it goes out to an employee. An auditor can choose to CC a manager when responding to the employee as well. You can also reply to the employee who submitted the expense report or choose "Some Other Employee"

Once all the information entered click on the "Send" on the bottom right-hand corner.

To see all comments, please look at the report history by clicking on the "Clock" icon next to the expense report.

When you send the email, the audit status will change from "Needs Review" to "Request More Info".

The employee, another employee, or manager should be receiving the message in their inbox. Once received, click on the link to implement the comment. The "Request More Info" email goes out from “[email protected]” instead of the auditors email address in order to avoid auditors from receiving emails from users. The users response is no longer routed to the auditors email address.

When the link is clicked, a new browser will open for the person to implement their comments and add files if needed. The link will expire in 72 hours or if the link is clicked more than 7 times. 

Pending Audit Timer

The pending audit timer shows the number of hours that an expense report has been in the pending state. If an auditor uses RMI for additional information the timer is set to 0.0. Once the user provides the information. The timer resets to the count before the RMI was initiated.

For example, an auditor who initiates RMI for an expense report with a 45h time stamp, the timer will be set to 0.0.

When the user responds the timer is set back to 45hr within AppZen. Then the auditor can continue taking action on the report.

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