New Feature: Copy Report ID in Duplicates Across Reports


In the February release, we added a new feature to improve the auditor workflow when auditing a high-risk expense line. The copy report ID functionality has been added to the Duplicates Across Report modal.

How does it work?

Based on auditor feedback that we have received, copy and pasting the report ID for further investigation is a common workflow. This can result in accidentally leaving out part of the report ID, and adds additional unnecessary time when determining high-risks expense lines.

Below are the steps to use the new copy report ID functionality

1.   Search for any high-risk line that is flagged for Duplicate Across Reports

 2 . Once the expense line has been identified, click on the eye icon to access the modal view.

3. The modal will show the original receipt along with the line on the left and on the right, you will see the duplicate receipt,          expense report #, and expense line. The copy report ID icon sits on the right side of the expense report number.

4. Clicking the copy icon will automatically add the report ID to the clipboard.

Once the report ID is copied to the clipboard the auditor can paste the report ID to another tab within their web browser or the report ID field on the expense workbench.

Enhancements: Medium Risk Available in Request More Information


Request More Information (RMI) functionality is for Auditors to request more information from an employee or the employee’s manager about expenses that have been flagged by AppZen. This method is done before an Auditor approves or rejects the expense report. An email is sent from within AppZen to the employee with the high-risk findings so the employee can respond and give feedback. The February release allows for an auditor to include medium-risk lines to gather more information from an employee.

How does it work?

By selecting the medium-risk findings and selecting the preview button will show the auditor the entire message before it goes out to an employee. The preview will include the risk messages for medium-risk findings by selecting the “include” options of: “All Medium-Risk Findings”

After selecting the medium risk findings options click the send button so the email goes to the employee.

Prior to this update, the medium risk findings would not show up on the email to the employee. Only the high-risk will show in the email even though the “All Medium Risk Findings” was selected within AppZen. The February update will fix the workflow to include the medium-risk findings in the email that is sent to the employee.


New Feature: Server Status App in Intercom


We have integrated the Server Status app within intercom so auditors can get information on the health of our products. Before customers correspond with our support team in regards to any server related issues, an auditor can see the status section embedded within Intercom for a quick and easy reference point.

How does it work?

An auditor can click on the Intercom icon in the bottom left corner of the screen on the main AppZen login page to pull up the Intercom messenger

Once the Intercom icon is clicked the messenger will pop up and you’ll notice the server status underneath the start a conversation section. Clicking the status will present the health of our AppZen servers along with a log of any past events that were documented previously.

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