Quickly approve or reject a report at any time with “sticky” action buttons.

Previously, auditors had to scroll back to the top of the screen to approve or reject a report.

Now the action buttons (“approve,” “reject,” and “more actions”) are “sticky,” meaning they are accessible to auditors no matter where they have scrolled to on the expense report details page. No longer will you have to scroll all the way back to the top of the page to action a report.

Easily review and action a report at the same time with a split screen view.

When actioning an expense report (approve, reject, request info, etc.) in AppZen, it requires an auditor to provide a reason for their decision based on their findings. For example, when rejecting an expense report, the auditor must provide clarity of the issues discovered and guidance on what to fix within the report. In instances where a report has an extensive number of line items, it is common for an auditor to reference back to the report details to help write a more thorough and accurate response. 

Simple and easy receipt view

Auditors often investigate receipts to cross-check and verify high-risk line items. This enables them to write more prescriptive messages that help guide employees to make the needed changes on their expense reports 

Ability to quickly copy and search the report ID number

In some instances, auditors may seek further context of a high-risk expense report by checking comments attached to the report in their existing expense automation software (i.e. Concur, Workday). To do this, the auditor must copy the report ID in AppZen and paste it into the search bar in their expense automation software.

**Note there will be a planned outage from 8am-12pm as part of a scheduled maintenance ** 

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