It is important for the AP Manager and auditor to review invoice details to obtain more information on why an invoice is being marked high risk by AppZen. On this page, the reviewer will find all details of the invoice including the invoice attachment, associated contracts and PO information.

Once you login to AppZen, on the left-hand side click on the “Invoice Audit” then click on “Invoice Workbench”. 

Advanced Filter

The workbench includes advanced filtering options at the top of the page, which helps the user find the invoices

To view the details of a specific invoice, click on the invoice number from the workbench to get into the invoice details menu.

Invoice Columns 

Within the Workbench itself, each invoice is shown and can be selected. There are a set of columns that you can view to make that selection.

In order to see the invoice details, click on the invoice number listed in the “supplier invoice number” column.

To see details and profile of the supplier, click on the supplier name in the supplier name column.

Review Invoice Details

Once clicked on the supplier invoice number, the invoice details page will open. See screenshot below for example:

On this page, AppZen has recreated the invoice, complete with invoice number, Supplier Details, amount, PO information, date and due date.

Each high risk item is highlighted in an overlay directly on the invoice. 

For example, in the above screenshot:

  • AppZen has found a potential residential address listed for the supplier (Supplier address details are highlighted in red)
  • AppZen has also found a potential duplicate for this invoice (Invoice number is highlighted in red)

Click the highlighted section to view more details on the high risk item. See screenshots below. 

If there is an invoice attachment, it will be displayed at the bottom of the page (scroll down to view the invoice). See screenshot below.

If there is a contract associated with the invoice, it will be displayed under the contract tab on the top right corner. 

To action on these risks, click the blue Review button at the bottom of the page. 

To approve or reject an invoice line or header, click the risk in the sidebar to the right hand side of the screen. 

To approve click the Approve button, use the dropdown to select a reason. For example, if the invoice is approved because there is no risk here, then this is a False Positive (FPOS). Please provide detailed internal comments, so AppZen can learn to recognize this type of invoice.

To reject click the Reject button, and provide internal comments.

To reject click the Reject button, and provide internal comments.

You can also Approve All or Reject All by using the Blue button on the bottom right corner. Once the review is completed, click the blue button to submit the review.

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