AppZen AI solution integrates with multiple ERP systems to help ease the burden for auditors going through mountains of expense reports that are submitted on a daily basis by employees. AppZen flags high-risk expenses so auditors can focus their time on important reports that violate T and E policies. 

Workflow status not updating after actioning a report

Expense reports flow from the ERP system into AppZen, then back to the ERP system for payment to the employee, or for additional clarification on reports that have been flagged as high-risk. For example for Receipt Verification ; if AppZen detects that there is no receipt with an expense we'll flag the expense as high-risk. The auditor will reject the report and send the expense report back to the employee. 

If you encounter situations where the expense report doesn't make it back to the ERP system or the workflow status is not updating to the next step and it feels like the report is not updated, please note that certain changes between AppZen and the ERP system may take up to 4 hours.  

Expense Reports not making it to AppZen's workbench

As an auditor, you have seen the expense reports submitted into your ERP system from employees and now you are waiting for those expense reports to filter into AppZen to automatically get audited by our AppZen AI models. However, you are not seeing the reports in AppZen. 

For these types of situations, we recommend checking that your org is enabled and all models are configured correctly before any expense reports flow into AppZen. Not checking these important steps will result in reports not coming into AppZen from your ERP system and result in delays. 

Please Note: There could be situations where the report was submitted before the org was enabled.  AppZen Support would need the report id(s) to manually pull these reports into AppZen from the ERP system, as only reports submitted after enabling the org will ingest upon submission. Our default timeframe to pull expense reports is every 2 hours. Each pull has a default cap of 250 reports across all organizations.

You can work with your CSM or our support team to modify this if you are facing issues where reports from your ERP are not seen in AppZen.

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