Obtain your Certificate number

  1. Log in to your AppZen University account dashboard.

  2. Select Achievements from the top navigation bar

  3. Search for or locate the certification that you would like to share on LinkedIn. (Today that is ‘AppZen Certified Professional’ and/or ‘AppZen Customer Certified Expense Audit’)

  4. Click on the Download Certificate link to download the certificate in PDF form

  5. Navigate to where that file was downloaded and open the PDF file. (Print it out if you’d like. Post in on a wall. Show it off!)

  6. Find and note the unique Certificate number just above the AppZen Logo and below the certification badge.For Certified AppZen Professional, the number will begin with (CAP XXXXXXXX)For AppZen Customer Certified Expense Audit, the number will begin with (CAEA XXXXXXXX)

  7. Find and note the DATE COMPLETED date for the certification.

Share on LinkedIn

  1. Log in to your LinkedIn account and navigate to your profile page

  2. Navigate to Licenses & Certifications and click on the + icon

  3. Enter the Full Name of the Certification (AppZen Certified Professional or AppZen Customer Certified Expense Audit)

  4. Add the Issuing Organization as AppZen

  5. Click on “This credential does not expire box

  6. Enter the "Completed Date” in the Issue Date fields

  7. Enter the Certificate number (begins with CAP XXXXXXXX or CAEA XXXXXXXX)

  8. Leave Credential URL <Blank>

  9. Click Save!

More information on adding LinkedIn Certification can be found on the LinkedIn HelpCenter

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