Custom Field Mapping

Within Concur's Expense Management System, there are custom fields so that the employee can give more context when submitting their expense report. Within the report details page in the header section, you can map the custom fields to AppZen so the auditor has a clear understanding of the expense report that they are auditing. Any custom fields or org unit fields can be created in AppZen.

Custom fields can help with attributing expense reports to specific departments or cost centers. Some fields can be used for additional notes as well, this really depends on the company and how they use the fields. Custom fields are retroactively added fields for all the previously audited reports before the initial release of this feature.

Please Note: Header custom fields is not supported in Chrome River only line level custom fields.

Below are examples of custom fields that are in Concur.

To add and map custom fields, you have to have functional admin privileges. If you don't have any system or functional admin privileges contact support to add/map custom fields on the backend.

How to add and map a custom field in AppZen

  1. Login to your AppZen account.
  2. On the left-hand side click on the "Expense Setup & Admin tab" then select the custom fields menu option.

3. Label the name of the custom field such as "Department". This will appear as the field title within the report details section of all expense reports in AppZen.

4. Once the field is given a label, click the dropdown called, "Select a Custom Field Key". You can select either custom or org unit for the field key. Ensure that you select the correct corresponding field that you have in Concur.

5. When the custom field key is selected you can click the preview button to see what the mapped field will look like in the header of the expense report. When you are ready to confirm the mapping click the "Apply" button.

6. Once the fields and added and mapped you will see the newly created field in the header level of the expense reports.

Custom Fields Limitations

You can add up to 3 custom fields in the header section of the report details page. At this time custom fields do not show up in reports or filters. In a future release, we will have more functionality around custom fields to help auditor sort and search more effectively on expense reports.

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