Team Intelligence Details Page

The details page allows the manager to drill down into individual expense reports to investigate spend across employees or team members. The details page gives a more concise view of the conversations between the auditor and the employee along with key expense report data without actually going through the AppZen Expense Report Detail page. Clicking on any bar chart within the manager dashboard will show the detailed record of report ID's that make up that particular data point.

Within the Team Intelligence Dashboard select a report ID to view more on spend will take you to the detail page. On this page you'll notice the receipt on the left-hand side along with the details on the right-hand side.

The manager can see all the details of the expense report without going through the main UI of the expense details page that was mainly intended for auditors to navigate and action reports. Now with this details page that is catered for the manager, all the information that is needed to gain an understanding of spend can be seen in this view. Let's take a closer look to see what this has to offer the manager.

  • Displays the expense type associated with the report

  • List high-risk rules that were flagged by AppZen

  • Manager can see violations on spend activities

  • Shows risk messages associated with any high-risk rule

  • Displays expense amount and reimbursement amount

#2 Expense Report Information

  • Expense Report Number - Able to click on the report ID which takes the auditor to the report detail page

  • Report Name - Name of expense report

  • Submitted By - Name of employee

  • Name of Policy - Policy name the expense belongs to

  • Report Submission Date - Date of submission

  • Report Total Amount - Total amount outlined in the report

  • Report Audit Status - Audit status

  • Workflow Status - Current workflow status

Clicking on the report ID from this view will take the manager to the expense report detail page of that particular report. The employee name will take the manager to the employee dashboard to gain insight on the total spend for that particular employee.

#3 Conversations

  • Listed are conversations between the auditor and employee

  • All comments will be listed including rejection comments and request more information

  • All conversations in the audit log will be listed here

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