After an account is created, an email is sent to the user to activate their account by clicking on the link and setting their password. If the activation link was not clicked by the user within two days (maybe they didn’t receive the email, or it was in their junk folder), the link would expire.

If the activation link has expired, the system admin can resend the activation email to the user. The ‘resend activation link’ button will only appear for accounts that have not been activated yet. For accounts that have already been activated by the user, the resend button will not show up in the UI.

How to access the resend activation link:

  1. Log into your account,
  2. Go to system admin
  3. Click on users.

If you don’t see the activation link, the account has been activated by the user. On the bottom right-hand corner click on the ‘resend activation link’ button. Once the button is pressed, the user will receive another activation email.

Once the admin clicks on the link the notification will appear that the link was sent successfully.

Advise the user to activate the account before it expires. The activation email will have a notification letting them know to activate the account before expiration.

We inform them the following: "If the link has already expired, please reach out to your system admin or support contact to get a new link"

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