Q: When exactly will AppZen catch duplicates/duplicate receipts?

A: A receipt image match would be flagged in the duplicate across reports model.

If the same employee is submitting the same receipt image across multiple reports it will flag. For more information on duplicates across reports go here.

Q: Why didn't this line flag for a duplicate?

A: The expense lines need to be above the configured threshold if expense types are added in the configurations. For more information on the duplicate model go here.

Q: Why there are no False Positive reasons available?

A: We realized that many auditors were not accurately using the available options and it was taking away time from auditors by holding them responsible to determine why AppZen incorrectly flagged something as a high risk but was ultimately a false positive. To make sure that the update is consistent with the rest of the user interface we have removed the false positive risk reasons from the modal view as well. This update was implemented in the June release.

Q: Can an auditor action their own expense report in AppZen?

A: No. They can not assign the report to themselves therefore any action buttons (approve or reject) will not be visible.

Q: How do I reject an expense report?

A: Once the report is assigned to you the auditor; go into the report detail screen and on the bottom right corner click on the "reject" button. For more information check out our article.

Q: Is there a way to add an exception to the Duplicate audit rule?

A: No way to add an exception on duplicate audit rule but mileage is a hardcoded exception.

Q: Are there any plans in the future to allow more than one auditor to be assigned to a report?

A: Most of our customers would rather one auditor to work on a report to avoid clashing. The current workaround if you need 2 auditors to look at one report would then be to un-assign and reassign the report. Also, there is the option to submit as an enhancement request.

Q: Do you have online resources in a different language?

A: Not at this time, however, we suggest a browser translation tool or something third party for assistance.

Q: Is there a way to flag all expense lines that are marked as a personal expense?

A: Consider Mastermind for any customization to our current models.

Q: Does Amount Verification by Expense Type use OCR or user input?

A: It uses a user-entered amount, for more information on AVET click here

Q: Does AppZen audit child lines?

A: AppZen audits all child lines for all models except Receipt Verification, Unauthorize, Duplicates within/across, and non-conforming receipt.

Q: Can you please provide the status of enhancement requests?

A: Check out our community under feature requests.

Q: For the trip length exception how does AppZen calculate how long the trip is?

A: We read the hotel folio to extract the arrival and departure date to calculate the trip length. For more information go here.

Q: Marking and expense report as a "False Positive" does not change the report to a Low Score as expected. Can you please confirm why?

A: You identify a false positive by the red dot over the risk score. For more information go here.

Q: What internet references are used for the restaurant price check model for Europe?

A: We use a lot of different checks like zomato, trip advisor, etc but it is country-specific & we won't confirm which are used for specific countries as this is proprietary to AppZen.

Q: When a threshold is set at 50.00 for high for an expense type, however, the expense report line came in at exactly 50.00 and flagged as a medium. Why didn't AppZen flag this as High-Risk?

A: The amount verification model will flag above the threshold in order to flag as a High. For example, 50.01 will flag as high.

Q: I'm not seeing high-risk expense reports in the Header Level Risk report when I generate and view the excel document on my computer. Do you know why?

A: Confirm that there is a high risk for that date range. Try running the report for all risk levels for the time period.

Q: Can you make a custom ACI report for our company?

A: There is currently no reporting available for ACI and we are unable to process any ad hoc requests. Custom reporting and analytics would be available through our add-on solution, Mastermind Analytics. If you would like to see a demo, please contact your CSM or contact AppZen support

Q: How can we see reports that have been approved or rejected on a specific day?

A: You may run the AppZen Audit Activity report for the desired date range and filter by rejection.


Q: Why didn't AppZen flag high-risk for Duplicates Across Reports when the 2 employees submitted an expense using the same receipt?

A: AppZen checks against any duplicate receipt image that we already have in our system. We also check against the date, amount, and the merchant, along with checking against order/invoice numbers and order lexicals. If there are any differences in the two receipts we will not flag high risk based on those additional variables.

Q: How can an auditor provide feedback if there is a false positive?

A: When the auditor marks a line as false positive that information goes back to AppZen to help train our models over time.

Q: How do I receive status page notifications?

A: Subscribe to the AppZen status page http://status.appzen.com/ Click on the "subscribe to updates" to get an email notification. Once you click on the button, you will receive a confirmation email and from there you will receive updates accordingly.

Q: Why doesn't the daily meal limit show in the Auditor feedback report?

A: The auditor feedback report shows line-level models and not header level.

Q: Are there gaps in high-risk email notifications compared to expense workbench?

A: Don't rely on high-risk emails to show all data because cut-off times of when the report are snap generated. i.e. reports submitted after the report is sent but before the next day won't be on next day's email.

Q: How do you set up group configurations?

A: To turn groups on, it must be configured in the back-end by the AppZen support team. A ticket needs to be created to submit a request with the name of the customer. The setup process will differ based on whether the customer is live or not. Before learning the setup process for the two different scenarios, it is important to understand what a default org is as opposed to a group-based org.

Q: What's required for Cash Line Validation for Coupa customers?

A: Cash Line Validation can only be used for the credit card number and the last name can be added.

Q: Can customers set up a model to flag holidays for Weekend Expense Check?

A: It looks at the days of the week currently. Specific dates or holidays are not supported currently.

Q: Does AppZen have the same character limit as the Concur field? (Example: Business purpose field in Report Header has 500 character limit while 64 characters for Line item level)

A: We do not use the same character limit. It depends on what field you are looking at. For example - the business purpose field has a max character size of 1024.

Q: Do we have a test environment that we can use to check the changes that we will be having before it will be applied to their production site?

A: The customer would need a Concur sandbox environment and then we would create a separate AppZen QA environment to connect to but the customer would need to reach out to Concur to initiate the discussion of whether they can have a sandbox environment.

Q: How can I join a webinar?

A: Register to AppZen Webinar link https://www.appzen.com/resources/webinar/

Q: Does AppZen have a system refresh or restore feature that if the changes are made in production and they don't work as advertised the system could be restored back to a period prior to the changes?

A: Our monthly releases include continuous enhancements to improve the audit models and user experience to bring value to our customers. These are system-wide changes for all customers and we would not be able to revert changes for one specific customer. Please use our AppZen Community Page to add your requests for our product team to review.

Q: If any expense type is mapped to Miscellaneous will the tool flag accurately for the Unauthorized Expenses model?

A: It looks at the more context of the documentation to verify if it's truly an expense for the respective unauthorize category (eg - Late Fee, Jewelry , Movie etc ...)

Q: How is receipt re-ingestion considered for the duplicate check model?
A: Reports will still be considered in the duplicate check on expense line information.

Q: Where can I find the RCA on workflow status or ingestion issues?

A: Subscribe to AppZen status page http://status.appzen.com/

Q: Why would the expense type "Books & Subscription" have the per attendee rule?

A: The rule 'Amount Verification By Expense Type' is not only limited to meal expenses, it applies to all-expense types configured under this model. Additionally, expense types that have no attendees will display a 1 in the total attendees section on the AppZen UI. For more info please check out our August release notes.

Q: Why was this category flagged along with this other category when this is set to medium risk and should not be included on the high-risk flag for unauthorized expenses model?

A: The flag is showing the higher of the two risks in this case the high risk is flagging high because the one category is configured to flag high.

Q: Are you able to add their own version of an MRA (Missing Receipt Affidavit) as an acceptable receipt?

A: We do not have the ability to set their own version for MRA, if they do not want to flag MRA receipts at all we advise to add it under the exception list under the receipt verification model but it will apply for all the receipts where MRA is available or else keep as current configuration with the acceptable threshold.

Q: If the Auditor enters the Rejection Comments in Detect in Chinese/Mandarin, will this comment in Chinese be successfully posted within an expense report in Concur in Chinese?

A: Yes, when an auditor enters the Rejection Comments in Detect in Chinese/Mandarin we will see the comment entered by the auditor in Chinese in Concur too while rejecting the report.

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