November 2020 Release Notes Overview

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Improvements - Advance filters and Audit Model Configuration

Added Mastermind models to advance filters and model configuration for better visibility on custom models.

(Status update: Mastermind models in advance filters is delayed until a later release)

Model Updates:

Unauthorized model - Improvements on risk scoring for exceptions

Receipt Verification model - Overall improvements for better accuracy against configured thresholds

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Improvements - Improvements for Mastermind Models for Advance filters and Audit Model Configuration


Mastermind is a powerful tool to automate a customer's unique corporate spending policies by enhancing our current AppZen models. Taking structured and unstructured data from a customer’s ERP system, Mastermind can help create custom actions, automate document understanding, and much more. Currently, customers cannot easily find the Mastermind models that are enabled for their T&E policies and there are no filter options to quickly find models without generating a report. In this update, any customer that has a Mastermind model will be able to use the advance filter option to search and easily find the Mastermind models within the AppZen workbench.

Additionally, we have added Mastermind to the Audit Models Configuration page in order for customers with a Mastermind functional admin role to see which models are enabled. In a later update, we’ll include added functionality to edit models as well. The goal is to have customers gain better visibility and engagement with their custom models.

How does it work

Mastermind Roles and Audit Configuration Menu

There are two new roles we have introduced in this update.

MastermindFunctionalAdmin - The ability to enable/reenable models (coming in a later release) and view mastermind configurations.

MastermindFunctionalAdminReadOnly - The ability to view mastermind configurations.

Note: Do not assign both roles to the same user. Depending on the business case assign either the Mastermind Functional Admin role or the Mastermind Functional Admin read-only role. As stated above one role is read-only and the role allows for the user to edit/enable models as needed.

To access the updated configuration menu do the following:

  1. Login to your account with either the MastermindFunctionalAdmin or MastermindFunctionalAdminReadOnly
  2. Click on the “Expense Setup & Admin” menu option
  3. You will notice two tabs:

Within the Mastermind tab, the models associated with the organization and policy are listed in this section. If a customer had multiple Mastermind models a search field can be used to quickly find the models within the configuration screen.

Advanced Filters (Feature has been pushed to a later release)

There are two types of filters on the AppZen workbench. We have the header filters for each column and more robust search functionality we call advance filters. The advance filters enable the user to find the expense report they need to audit by creating certain custom requirements drop-down menus that give the user more control over which reports they want to see on the workbench. In the drop-down menu, there are two sections; one for Mastermind and one for standard models.

Select your criteria for the filter, for this example, we are selecting:

Model Name (High Risk) / is / Expense Age Advance (Mastermind model)

Add the mastermind model to the advance filter, and click on the “apply filters” button to see results listed on the workbench.

Next, click the expense report to begin viewing the flagged mastermind model along with the associated risk reason.

Improvements - Unauthorized Exceptions

For the unauthorized model, we have made some improvements in our AI logic to handle exceptions when multiple unauthorized categories are identified for a given receipt.

Improvements - Receipt Verification

In this update, we have improved Receipt Verification AI logic to increase accuracy when checking against the configured threshold. Implementing this update we can flag expense reports more accurately to reduce false negatives.

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