We have identified scenarios where the Concur login IDs (which is what AppZen has been using to create the user names within AppZen) change due to the implementation of SSO and other scenarios of employees having the same email address.

Since our October release, the AppZen user ID will be created by using a combination of the employee ID and the customer domain (e.g. ‘[email protected]’)

The current behavior of the user sync, users are brought into AppZen’s User List and can be identified in the ‘User Id’ column by the employee ID.

An issue has been identified where a user is already in AppZen’s User List, however, the customer admins or partner admins are creating users as new users, resulting in duplicate users in AppZen.

Moving forward, all partner admins should first search the User List using the employee ID before creating a user as a new user to avoid creating duplicate profiles.

Please note, the search functionality within the AppZen User List currently only searches the User Id column. We are looking into expanding the search capabilities but this may take some time. For any further questions contact our support team.

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